[Mailman-Users] virtual host problem - mail not originatingfromsubdomain

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Tue Aug 21 07:25:08 CEST 2007

On 8/20/07, David Buntin wrote:

>  This is what I've come to suspect as well (that the incoming MTA is doing
>  the rewriting.) With SMTPDirect.py it is easy to log the output of Mailman.
>  Is there an equivalent way to log the input before any processing of the
>  incoming mail has been performed?

Mailman logs pretty much everything it knows how to log.  There 
aren't any "debug" modes you can turn on to increase the logging.

If you want to add more code to increase the logging, that would 
work, but then you'd need to have full privileged access to the 
server where Mailman is running, and you'd need to have at least some 
minimal idea of how to add new Python code to a program.

>  I'm using sendmail as my MTA. I know this is beyond Mailman, but do you know
>  if there is an easy way to get sendmail to log its output to Mailman??

With sendmail, you can turn up or down the logging detail in 
excruciatingly fine increments.  If you turn it up high enough, you 
should be able to get it to log the full contents of every message it 

Alternatively, you could have sendmail send the message to something 
like "tee" so that the full contents of the message(s) can be saved 
to a file somewhere, prior to their being handed to Mailman.

>  I am using a CNAME DNS alias for subdomain.domain.com. I've tried using a MX
>  record without luck. I'll try again and take it up the issues with my server
>  host.

Use an A record.  Even if it is exactly the same A record you use for 
other machines.  It will work.  Trust me.

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