[Mailman-Users] Mass Subscribe Option

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Dec 2 07:59:26 CET 2007

Cyndi Norwitz wrote:
>If someone can confirm my suspicion and give me the details, I will pass it
>on to Sonic tech support and see if they can do something about it.  I
>suspect it was set this way on purpose as an antispam measure, but it's a
>big inconveince for those of us migrating legitimate lists.

As I said in my prior reply, I suspect this is intentional on Sonic's
part, but you may be able to negotiate with them to do a one time add
for you from a list provided by you. The command line add_members tool
should still be functional. It takes a file of lines like

Jane Doe <jdoe at example.com>

and adds each name/address to the list.

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