[Mailman-Users] Integration with OpenLDAP or AD directory?

Jonathan Dill jonathan at nerds.net
Tue Dec 4 07:12:58 CET 2007

Martin S wrote:
> Is it possible to integrate Mailman with AD (preferably) or OpenLDAP? Anyone
> tried doing this somewhere?
> I'll have a number of users in AD which will form base for three systems.
> Now there is talk of integrating email list functionality into the system,
> and as I have some experience with Mailman I've been thinking of trying to
> the integration to work.
A few years back, I did that with iPlanet LDAP, just ran a batch job out 
of cron to do an ldap query to LDIF, massage that to a list of e-mail 
addresses, compare to list of subscribers, then add or remove 
addresses.  Surely, there is a more elegant way to do it, also not 
hardly instantaneous.  You might be able to use Penrose or ApacheDS to 
make some glue as an LDAP front end into AD if needed.


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