[Mailman-Users] password monthly reminder

Mohamed CHAARI mohamed.chaari at st.com
Wed Dec 5 10:53:36 CET 2007


In Mailman, there are 2 places where to configure the password monthly 
- the first one is List Administration page, 'General Options' section, 
relative to the list as a whole
- the second one is in 'Subscription Options' page, relative to each 
list member

I would like to know what is the exact behavior of this option:
for example, as a list admin I have the 'reminder list flag' set to 'On' 
, then a member X set the 'reminder user flag' to Off ==> what are the 
consequences ? which flag override the other ?

According to the doc, the user flag override the list flag, but in this 
case, I don't understand the usefulness of the reminder list flag: 
assume the list admin set the reminder list flag to 'Off', it has no 
impact because default reminder user flag is set to 'On' and users will 
continue to receive reminders ... do you confirm ?

I have another question: where is stored the subscriber options ? Are 
they in the Mailman DB/Conf files ?
For example, in config.pck conf file , I found the reminder list flag:

/usr/lib/mailman/bin/dumpdb /var/lib/mailman/lists/mylist/config.pck | 
grep reminder

'send_reminders': 1,

but I didn't find the reminder user flag in this file.

Any help is much appreciated.


--Mohamed CHAARI   (mailto : mohamed.chaari at st.com)

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