[Mailman-Users] one list not sending emails

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Dec 17 17:21:11 CET 2007

John Adamski wrote:

>Mailman 2.1.4, suse linux 2.6.5-7.145-smp
>Recently we had one of our lists stop sending emails.  We have about 30 lists and all others seem to be working find.  The list in question will send a pending message to the moderator that a message is pending, and when they release it, poof it disappears.  I have even taken off the moderator flag and it still disappears.
>The archive doesn't show anything, cron and all the other processes are running as other lists are sending out emails.  there is no locks for this list and everything else in the FAQ on "no mail", checks out ok.

Including Mailman's 'error' log (FAQ 4.78, item 7)?

Since this is Mailman 2.1.4, I suspect this is the "bad message in the
list's digest.mbox" problem. I just added a note about this to FAQ
4.76 which see.

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