[Mailman-Users] Challenge/Response

Robert Morse bob at morsemedia.net
Sun Feb 11 14:25:43 CET 2007

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and suggestions. I have recommended setting
each list on emergency moderation. They have about a dozen lists for various
tasks. So, I suggested each list be assigned a moderator/administrator
(Currently one person manages all lists). Since the fear is the person will
be spoofing the From field, the moderators will have to review the contents
of each message and make a judgment about its validity. If there is doubt
the moderator can always do a manual challenge/response to the supposed
sender to see if they really sent a particular message.

I agree that this is as much a social/emotional issue as a technical one.
The organization needs to be very clear to everyone in how the handle the
problem and then just weather the storm.

On 2/10/07 12:32 PM, "Karl Zander" <kwz-mm at commpartners.com> wrote:

> On Sat, 10 Feb 2007 12:18:26 -0800
> Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> wrote:
>> Karl Zander wrote:
>>> Fundamentally, its not a technology problem.
>> Agreed, but as others have suggested, technology can
>> help. 
> Yes.  I didn't mean to imply it could not.  We are using
> technology to help us manage the situation and its being
> effective.
> But you have to be prepared to ride out the emotional part
> of this.  And if you do clamp down the lists, the person
> may go after "softer" parts of the organization if they
> are inclined to make trouble.  We have seen our interloper
> move on to a sister organization's lists.
> --Karl

Bob Morse
Morse Media

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