[Mailman-Users] The incredible disapearing post?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Jan 2 23:12:22 CET 2007

Brian Atkins wrote:

>Dragon wrote:
>> It appears that something is happening to either discard or shunt that 
>> user's posts prior to them being handed off to mailman's outgoing queue. 
>> The message is being handed off from the SMTP server to mailman but 
>> something is happening after that occurs.

It looks that way to me too.

>> Have you looked in mailman's vette and error logs? If the message was 
>> discarded, it should appear in the vette log. If mailman had a problem 
>> processing the message, there should be an entry in the error log.
>No log entires.

It appears from the mail log that the message is delivered to the
wrapper for posting to the list, and thus should get to the in queue
(qfiles/in/), yet it doesn't get as far in the pipeline as ToArchive.

If it is held, it should be in the admindb interface as a held message.
If it is rejected, a reject message will be sent to the poster, but
this doesn't appear to be in the mail log. If it is discarded for any
reason, the discard should be logged in the vette log. If something
goes seriously wrong, the exception should be logged in the error log.

Is there anything in any of Mailman's queues?

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