[Mailman-Users] Question about Sender Filters

Whitcomb, Jeff jmwhitco at samford.edu
Thu Jan 4 14:57:15 CET 2007

I have a non-member filter set under "accept these nonmembers" to
^.*@<domain_name <mailto:%5e.*@%3cdomain_name> >.  This accepts all
messages from my domain, then I have a reject message set in "nonmember
rejection notice".


I got an email this morning from a company who is getting bombarded with
these rejection messages because one of their addresses is being spoofed
and directed at my list.  I am curious if I put this company's domain
name (in the same format as above) in to the "discard these members"
field, will it get processed since it does not meet the "accept these
nonmembers" filter, or will anything in filters subsequent to the accept
filter be ignored?


I hope I explained this well enough and will try to clarify if needs be.



Jeff Whitcomb, MCP
Technology Services Manager
Cumberland School of Law - Samford University


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