[Mailman-Users] Mailman Virtual Domains

Saxvik, Ben bsaxvik at sunrice.com.au
Mon Jan 8 13:33:55 CET 2007



I want to use virtual domains on my mailman server. Though the problem

I'm having at the moment is that any email sent out from the second virtual domain the resulting address matches that of the server itself and not the individual list (domain).


For example the mailman server's FQDN is "listserv.testdomain.com.au" and the new virtual domain that has been added to this server is "listserv.anotherdomain.com.au". So any email sent out from "listserv.anotherdomain.com.au" the domain name gets replaced with "listserv.testdomain.com.au".


I currently using sendmail as my MTA and I'm using mailman 2.1.9.


Any assistance is appreciated.


Many Thanks,



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