[Mailman-Users] delete moderator requests on the server?

peter pilsl pilsl at goldfisch.at
Mon Jan 8 18:43:52 CET 2007

I run plenty of lists on my server and on many of them the moderator-requests 
are piling up over time.

Mostly when there is a spam-flood or when I'm on vacation or cause the people 
that moderate the list dont do their job.

Is there a way to delete the moderator-requests with a command on the server 
instead of going to the moderator-request-page for each list?

I found the heldmsg- files in mailman/data but deleting them does not change the 
fact that I still receive emails that "300 mylonelylist moderator request(s) 

Where can I set this for a certain list? Or how can I update the internal 
counter with the real number of moderator-requests?  I could then delete the 
heldmsg- mails depending on date and simply remove all old requests at least.


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