[Mailman-Users] Configuration Question

Jay Chandler chandler at chapman.edu
Mon Jan 8 22:13:50 CET 2007


I'm a bit new to Mailman, as I've yet to actually install it on anything.

We currently have a majordomo server that's aging, and I'd prefer to 
replace it with Mailman for a number of reasons.

Is there any reason I can't run Mailman on our outbound SMTP server, or 
would I want to locate it somewhere else?  I'd like to avoid giving it 
its own dedicated box if at all possible, but I also don't want it to 
complicate the sending of generic mail, either in terms of hostnames or 
in overhead.

FreeBSD 6.1 and Postfix are the relevant pieces.

Thanks very much in advance.

Jay Chandler
Network Administrator, Chapman University
714.628.7249 / chandler at chapman.edu
Today's Excuse: I'm sorry a pentium won't do, you need an SGI to connect with us. 

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