[Mailman-Users] Email address with trailing space

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Jan 10 19:37:41 CET 2007

Trader Joe wrote:

>While doing "mass subscription", I accidently put in
>an extra space at the end of several email addresses
>and now I'm unable to unsubscribe or remove these
>email via Web tools.  Anyone know how to remove these?

What Mailman version is this? I am unable to duplicate this with any
recent Mailman. What exact format did you use for the address?

>I really think removing trailing space should be part
>of mass subscribtion function, since you can't really
>have space in the email address.

It is as far as I can tell.

Have you tried unsubscribing these by checking the 'unsub' box on the
membership list?

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