[Mailman-Users] Problems with Subject Generated via Invites

Geoff Deering geoff at deering.id.au
Sun Jan 14 00:13:32 CET 2007


A few months back I moved one lot of subscriptions to a new site and 
list (used as an announce list) and invited people to subscribe.  Very 
few people took this up, and after a poorly attended major event I got a 
lot of feedback that people who thought they had subscribed found out 
they missed it and were not subscribed.  I recently reissued the invite 
as clearly as possible.  The main problem is the Subject line, Mailman 
does not allow a subject header to introduce the invite.  With the 
amount of spam around these days users can't be blamed for deleting 
Subject lines such as 'confirm 33f514b7210cb6bea0cdfd9fa0a1d273b5266177' 
.  At first glance it looks like any old spammer phishing for login 
information.  Is it possible to modify the mass mailout subscribe/invite 
so there is a custom subject header?

Geoff Deering


Hello Geoff,
I'm writing to you to let you know that I am happy to continue receiving 
your 'announcements' but I ask that you place meaningful text in the 
Subject line of your emails.
The email I received today had this in the subject line:
'confirm 33f514b7210cb6bea0cdfd9fa0a1d273b5266177'
At first glance, I almost deleted the email before opening it because I 
thought it contained viruses.
So, this email to ask that you refrain from using meaningless words in 
the title of your emails, as one is likely to not open it in the first 
Thanks for your attention.
Warm regards,
Gabriella Sanelli

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