[Mailman-Users] template variables ???

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Wed Jan 17 21:53:08 CET 2007

At 9:10 PM +0100 1/17/07, Tommy Braun wrote:

>  is there a detailed documentation about the template variables that
>  are available for ALL the mailman files?

Not that I know of.

>  As I found there seem to be several formats and ideas of how to write
>  template variables, all different in the mail confirmation files, html
>  and configuration interface....??? E.g. ownere-Mail does not work in
>  the subscribeack.txt file. hmmm...

Among other things, I believe that different variables are available 
in different template files, because they are referenced in different 
places in the code.

Even if there were a single place where all the potential template 
variables were listed, I don't believe that they would all be 
available in all templates.  I believe that you'd need to check the 
source code to find out which variables are available in which 

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