[Mailman-Users] spam filters should only match list-members

Bettina Hafter hafter at switch.ch
Thu Jan 18 08:12:01 CET 2007

hey there

i'v been searching through all archive and FAQ Wizard but could not find 
the answer.

We have a list, which discards all non-members. We have 2 filters which 
go for spams.

1st filter, if the X-SPAM-header contains xxxxxxx, discard it
2nd filter, if the X-SPAM-header contains xxxx, set it on hold

now all the spamers which are marked by our spamassin with xxxx in the 
mail-header are set on hold.

is there a way to teach mailman to do something like that:

- discard mails of non-members, regardless whether they match the 
filters or not
- make spam control only for members


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