[Mailman-Users] problems with gid when installing

Peter Coolen peter at coolen.net
Sat Jan 20 16:48:23 CET 2007

Hi All,
I tried to install mailman on my slackware system with postfix (mysql
virtual domains) and apache..
I followed the whole mnual ,except the thing about the virtual domains.. I
will do this later on.
When i want to go to the page www.domain.tld/mailman/create, I get the error
Mailman CGI error!!!
--with-cgi-gidwebCGI--with-mail-gidmail-SThe Mailman CGI wrapper encountered
a fatal error. This entry is being stored in your syslog:Group mismatch
error. Mailman expected the %s wrapper script to be executed as group "%s",
but the system's %s server executed the %s script as group "%s". Try
tweaking the %s server to run the script as group "%s", or re-run configure,
providing the command line option `%s=%s'.Failure to find group name for GID
%d. Mailman expected the %s wrapper to be executed as group "%s", but the
system's %s server executed the wrapper as GID %d for which the name could
not be found. Try adding GID %d to your system as "%s", or tweak your %s
server to run the wrapper as group "%s".nobodycreateMailman cgi-wrapper
(create)driverÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ$ Ð
I already reinstalled with the follwing options:
./configure --with-mail-gid = postfix --with-cgi-gid = nobody
make install
Postfix has the owner and group postfix and Apache nobody..
Could someone please help me and advise?

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