[Mailman-Users] Mailman, postfix virtual domains and mysql

Peter Coolen peter at coolen.net
Mon Jan 22 15:24:34 CET 2007

Hi All,
Mailman almost works... First some problems with the webserver but that's
almost solved (can't use the list creaters and adminstrator password)
Also got the following problem:
I have a working postfix, mysql and virtual domains on the testserver.. This
works fine and is also on the main server.. 
Now I want to install mailman (done) and integrate with my mailserver..
Does someone have a manual for postfix virtual domains with mysql? I looked
it up in the site administrators manual but that's all about virtual domains
and not about mysql.. My config files are very different.
I use mysql_virtual_alias_maps, mysql_virtual_domains_maps and
mysql_virtual_mailbox_maps files
In these files are the following lines (table, select_field and where_field
are different):
user = username
password = password
hosts = localhost
dbname = Databasename
table = mailbox
select_field = maildir
where_field = username
Can someone help me with this?

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