[Mailman-Users] Mailman not working after reboot

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Wed Jan 31 08:32:23 CET 2007

At 12:30 PM +0900 1/31/07, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

>  > If you have Mailman questions, we should be able to help with those.
>  > But we can't provide support for OS-specific issues.
>  However, members of this list often do; eg, this thread got 3 answers.

Of which two were "We can't help you with OS-specific issues", and I 
don't know if the third was actually helpful or not -- we have no 
evidence that the OP saw that response, or that it was helpful to the 

>  How about starting an OS-specific section of the FAQ, similar to the
>  MTA Integration section?  Then you could change the above reply to
>  "OS-specific issues are off-topic on this list; they are best asked on
>  the channels provided by that OS.  However, you can find some
>  user-contributed answers in the OS-specific section of the FAQ."

There are already some OS-specific items listed in the FAQ.  I see no 
reason why those could not be expanded (where appropriate), or new 
OS-specific items added.

I'm not sure we need a separate OS-specific section, however.  I 
don't know how that would affect the FAQ organization structure. 
Currently, I think we are putting OS-specific questions in the 
appropriate section and then trying to make sure that we label them 

Moreover, I think we need to be talking about platform-specific 
questions, and not just OS-specific.  For example, cPanel is a 
platform, and can presumably run on multiple different OSes.  If we 
were to have a separate section for these kinds of questions, I think 
we would want to put all platform-specific and OS-specific questions 

>  Also, encourage those who do provide answers on-list to add them to
>  the FAQ and answer on list with "I just added an answer to that
>  question to the FAQ".

My general policy has been to answer things directly two or three 
times, but beyond that to then summarize the responses and put them 
into the FAQ, and thereafter to primarily refer to the answers that 
are already in the FAQ.

Do we need a FAQ entry on what the proper way is to answer a question?

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