[Mailman-Users] Maximum template size?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Jun 2 05:42:03 CEST 2007

Carter Braxton wrote:

>"Mark Sapiro" <msapiro at value.net> wrote:
>> The problem is the non-substitution '%' characters in your template.
>Ouch, this is another one of those "D'oh!" moments! Should have seen that,
>thanks for pointing it out. Is there a way to escape the "%" sign to prevent
>substitution? (I'm not very familiar with Python, have been a C programmer
>for 25 years.)

As I tried to indicate in my first reply, you escape the % by doubling
it. I.e. A single % is an interpolation of some kind; a double %% is a
literal %.

>Also, I was wondering, what is the reason for using the hex
>code "%40" instead of "@" in the URLs provided to users?

It really isn't necessary to use %40 instead of @ in the user options
URL. Mailman uses Python's urllib.quote() function to insure that
various characters that can cause problems are represented as %xx
codes. The urllib.quote() function encodes most non-alphanumeric
characters although it is not necessary to do many of them.

In short, if you want to use @ rather than %40 in the user options URL
in your text, that shouldn't be a problem.

The following URL types all work to retrieve the options (or options
login) page for user at example.com.




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