[Mailman-Users] Low level smtp error: Server not connected

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Mon Jun 4 06:55:46 CEST 2007

On 6/4/07, Leonard Jacobs wrote:

>  Yes, I have stopped & restarted Mailman after each mm_cfg.py change and
>  no, there are no anti-virus or other rejections with postfix.
>  Additionally I am not running SELinux on this box.

I haven't checked the earlier messages in this thread -- I'm assuming 
you have also done the stuff mentioned in FAQ 4.73 and 6.14?

>  Now one clue that might be relevant is that when creating test lists and
>  testing sending messages to beta users of these lists, all works fine.
>  But as soon as the list contains the actual number of users, in one case
>  5,100 members, in another 350 members, the mailings to the subscribers
>  fail with the error as listed above. And there is no obvious throttling
>  on the Postfix MTA.

What is your "SMTP_MAX_RCPTS" setting?  Check both Defaults.py and 
mm_cfg.py.  Also check the value of 
"SMTP_MAX_SESSIONS_PER_CONNECTION".  Then compare against their 
companion values in your postfix configuration.  If you don't define 
the specific companion values in your /etc/postfix/main.cf, then you 
may need to take a look at the output of "postconf -d" and look for 

See also the postfix documentation on these values, especially 

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