[Mailman-Users] startup commands on OSX

Dan dan at music.memphis.edu
Wed Jun 6 22:39:54 CEST 2007

Chris Geier wrote:
> I have Mailman loaded on a Mac and it has been working fine.
> The computer lost power the other evening and shutdown.
> After restarting the computer I can access the Mailman lists, but any mail
> does not get sent.
> I added several new users today and I did not get the new user
> notifications.  Then I sent an email to one of the lists and I get nothing.
> The guy that used to manage the system has left the company.
> I thought there was something I needed to run at the command line to get the
> mail moving?
> Anyone know what the commands are to get the mail moving again?
> Thanks for any help!

OS X client or server? Which version? Apple's install or from source?

If it's the out of the box OS X Server version, start the qrunners with 
/usr/share/mailman/bin mailmanctl start. If it's from source, the 
location of the mailman/bin folder is likely to be different.

The Server version should have a Mailman folder in 
/System/Library/StartupItems/ that starts it automatically at boot time. 
You can also create one yourself to run on the OS X client.


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