[Mailman-Users] removed subcribers still there

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Jun 9 13:56:23 CEST 2007

Juan Miscaro writes:

 > My MTA is rejecting with a 550 (user does not exist):

No, it would appear that it is in an error state, closing the
connection before receiving and acknowledging a QUIT command (required
by RFC 2821, section

 > $ tail -600 smtp-failure | grep example
 > Jun 09 06:46:35 2007 (10585) delivery to user at example.com failed with
 > code -1: Connection unexpectedly closed

RFC 2821 requires that the sender (mailman) treat this as a temporary
failure of the "command or transaction".  The receiving MTA may think
that the RCPT TO command has succeeded (in the sense of having sent a
valid response, even though it's a failure response), I guess, but
it's not obvious to me that Mailman necessarily gets the 550.

This is arguably a bug in Mailman (if it actually sees the 550
response), but it's definitely buggy and very error-prone behavior on
the part of the MTA.  You might want to get one that's a little more
conformant with the spirit of the RFCs.

 > -rw-rw----  1 _mailman  _mailman   168K Jun  9 06:46
 > 1180990742.5870631+624e43c97588e6d1b02021804f85513e7a31e195.pck
 > What can I do to stop this delivery?  Just delete the .pck file?

Deleting the .pck file should do the trick.

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