[Mailman-Users] Bounced messages with Mailman 2.1 and Postfix2.5 Virtual Mailboxes

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Jun 10 19:01:52 CEST 2007

Benjamin Donnachie wrote:
>I kept getting that and in the end replaced it with:
>MTA = ''

That will work and so will

MTA = 0
MTA = False
MTA = []
MTA = {}
MTA = x

where x is one of No, no, Off or off because these are all defined as
False in Defaults.py.

These all work because they are either False or 0 or things that have
length 0 which all evaluate as False in Python if statements.

Defaults.py says:

   MTA should name a module in Mailman/MTA which provides the MTA
   specific functionality for creating and removing lists.  Some MTAs
   like Exim can be configured to automatically recognize new lists,
   in which case the MTA variable should be set to None.

This means

MTA = None

(which also evaluates as False) and not

MTA = 'None'

which will cause Mailman to look for the module Mailman/MTA/None.py
which doesn't exist.

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