[Mailman-Users] I lost my patch :-(

Jon Slater jon.slater at mesanetworks.net
Thu Jun 21 00:29:30 CEST 2007

I had to re-install MM from scratch this weekend.  


A long time ago, I had installed a patch that allowed ALL of the member’s of
one group to  send mail to another group.




In my ‘board_member’ list, under “Privacy options” (Sender filters).  I


“@members” in the box labeled “List of non-member addresses whose postings
should be automatically accepted”


That way, anyone on the “member’s” list can e-mail the “board_member” list.


But, in order for this to work, there was a patch that I had to install in
MM.  I remember it was really easy to do, but I can’t find my instructions.


Does anyone know where that’s explained?  And how I get it back?





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