[Mailman-Users] moved lists and now they don't work

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Jun 27 06:50:59 CEST 2007

carconni wrote:
>I know you guys aren't excited to hear this but it's running on an  
>xserve.  I think there may have been an error in how I was told to  
>move mailman...
>does this look right?
>corp-admin2:/private/var/mailman/archives/private root# ls -la ops.mbox/
>total 80
>drwxrwsr-x     3 root  mailman    102 Jun 18 13:30 .
>drw-rw----   736 root  mailman  25024 Jun 26 19:55 ..

This is the permission on /private/var/mailman/archives/private. You
need g+sx. Also, in order for public archive access to work, you
probably need o+x.

If you look again at
you will see

[msapiro at sb7 var]$ ls -ld mailman/archives/private
drwxrws--x  74 root mailman 4096 May  4 09:30 mailman/archives/private/

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