[Mailman-Users] archive processing problem (mmarch w/ MIME)

John Reddy jreddy at bnl.gov
Wed Jun 27 19:57:29 CEST 2007

Just as a follow-up to this problem from earlier this month.  Turns out 
the cause of this headache was related to a migration my group had 
performed.  We built a completely new server for mailman.  As part of 
the migration, the admin performing the move copied files from the old 
server to the new server by way of rsync.

In the mix, /var/lib/mailman/pythonlib, which the debian package 
installs as a symlink to /usr/lib/mailman/pythonlib got erased by the 
rsync process.  Without /var/lib/mailman/pythonlib available in the 
expected location, mmarch failed on any MIME encoding.

Thanks to everyone who tried helping figure out the problem

-John Reddy

On 6/6/2007 5:34 PM John Reddy said the following:
> I've checked the FAQ and Googled this before coming here to ask for 
> advice.  Background:  Running Debian 4.0, x86_64, MTA is Postfix, 
> packaged Debian Mailman (version listed "2.1.9-7"), Python version 2.4.4.
> I'm having a problem where the archives are not ingesting MIME email for 
> various mailing lists that I maintain.  A message goes to the mailing 
> list, is processed properly and gets reflected to the recipients.  All 
> email to the list winds up in 
> /var/lib/mailman/archives/private/listname.mbox/listname.mbox.  However, 
> messages that have MIME encoding don't make it to 

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