[Mailman-Users] specific (1) LHS and (2) sender rules to frustrate spam/phishing

Rich Kulawiec rsk at gsp.org
Fri Jun 29 16:44:43 CEST 2007

Two related suggestions.

(1) LHS (left-hand-side) rules

Any incoming mail message whose putative sender matches:


and which is directed to any of the Mailman standard aliases can
be rejected (not bounced [1]) with SMTP status 550 (extended status
5.7.1) since either:

	(a) it's a forgery, therefore there's no point in letting
	    Mailman attempt to emit a reply -- or even in accepting
	    the message to begin with.
	(a) it's not a forgery, therefore there's no point in trying
	    to reply to it.  (Nor is there any point in permitting it
	    to subscribe to a list or send any traffic to one.)

Arguably, this could be done in some MTAs by configuring rejection
of those LHS patterns on a per-local-user basis; but I'll argue that
doing this in Mailman itself would be more useful, since many (perhaps
most) sites don't use per-local-user configuration (and perhaps don't
know how).  Moreover, any site running multiple mailing lists would
need to set this up for every Mailman alias for every mailing list --
so it seems simpler to handle it inside Mailman itself.

My guess is that this should be a switchable feature, named something
like "reject-noreplies".  (Not that I can envision a need to switch it
off, but I think it'd be more conversative to have that option.)

(2) sender rules

Any incoming mail message whose putative sender matches the list below
can also be rejected (SMTP status 550, extended status 5.7.1) because
these addresses will never send traffic to any mailing list nor
subscribe to any mailing list.  There's thus no point in expending
the bandwidth/CPU necessary to process them, nor in forwarding them on
to list admins for possible approval -- any message from these addresses
to any Mailman-related address is invariably a phish attempt.

I'm sure this list is incomplete; I built it by looking at incoming
attempts received locally in 2007.  It's not meant to be complete,
only illustrative.

Again, this could be done at the MTA level by blocking on a per-local-user
basis, but (as above) I think wiring it into Mailman would make it useful
to people who do not have their MTAs so configured.

And this should probably also be switchable feature, perhaps named

More comments below this list.

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In both these cases, the check can be carried out by doing some
simple string-matching.  The second list will need ongoing (and
careful) maintenance -- and one way to achieve that might be to
enlist the cooperation of the domains in question.  However,
note that (a) under-inclusion is no worse than the current
situation and (b) over-inclusion is unlikely given even a modicum
of scrutiny applied to prospective list entries.


[1] The difference between a reject and a bounce: a reject is performed
by emitting the appropriate SMTP status code and closing the connection;
that is, the message is refused while the SMTP connection is open from
the sending side.   A bounce is performed by accepting the message
(again, emitting the appropriate SMTP status code), then performing
further processing, deciding not to accept the message, and attemping
to "return" the message to the putative sender.  The simplest way
of putting this is "reject good, bounce bad", since bounces invariably
result in outscatter (aka "backscatter"), which is a form of spam,
which in turn will cause sufficiently egregious emitters to be
(correctly) blacklisted.  Note as well that various mitigating
strategies designed to blunt the effects of bounce-instead-of-reject
policies lose entirely due to rampant forgery, DNS redirection,
an estimated 100M+ fully-compromised systems, and widespread failure
of end-user ISPs to control outbound SMTP abuse.  So saying that it's
immensely preferable to reject rather than bounce is an understatement.

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