[Mailman-Users] Problem/Question Regarding Bounce Processing

Barry Finkel b19141 at britaine.ctd.anl.gov
Fri Jun 29 17:02:48 CEST 2007

I have a question/problem with Mailman bounce processing.
We have Mailman lists here that are re-built every morning from our
Human Resources database.  When mail is sent to one of these lists, and
one or more of the e-mail addresses therein have problems, I see in my
morning report (and/or in the Mailman bounce log) that specific
addresses have had bounces.  I do not see the rejection messages that
are sent to


so I do not know what the problem might have been.  I assume that the
rejection message is discarded after it has been processed, the
bounce log appended, and the e-mail address bounce score increased.
I would like to be able to correct those bad addresses that come from
our HR Database when they are first seen as bad, but I cannot correct
them if I do not know what the nature of the bounce was.  And I really
do not want to have to send test mail to each of the failed addresses
in order to get a rejection message.

I know that I can add an additional address in the


file to the


alias line, but I do not want to do this manually every time I create
a new list.

Are there any suggestions on what I can do?  Thanks.
Barry S. Finkel
Computing and Information Systems Division
Argonne National Laboratory          Phone:    +1 (630) 252-7277
9700 South Cass Avenue               Facsimile:+1 (630) 252-4601
Building 222, Room D209              Internet: BSFinkel at anl.gov
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