[Mailman-Users] default language and English

Zbigniew Szalbot zbyszek at szalbot.homedns.org
Thu Mar 1 17:54:37 CET 2007

Hi there,

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Password reminders are sent in the user's preferred language. If the
> reminder is for more than one list, and the user's preferred languages are
> not all the same, we use the language that is preferred in the largest
> number of the user's lists and pick randomly from ties.

Thank you! Yes, when I switched the language for subscribers to Polish, I
got a notice in Polish. I am still trying to see if I can take it a step

I edited $prefix/mailman/messages/pl/LC_MESSAGES/mailman.po and commented
out line 10230 (msgid "Password // URL" and its Polish translation) and
altered line 10234 (msgid "%(host)s mailing list memberships reminder"). I
saved the file and ran sudo /usr/local/bin/python -S
/usr/local/mailman/cron/mailpasswds however, this appears to have had no
effect on mailing.

What I am trying to do is to make the list more appropriate for the
newsletter type of subscribers. They don't care about passwords, options,
all they want is to get a (monthly) newsletter. Initially I set the
personalization on but because each newsletter is about 100KB in size,
this drains server resources when MTA quickly gets many such messages to
be sent. So I figured I'd give up on personalization but offered reminders
for which I simplified the language templates to be understandable to
non-technical people.

Mark - I know have no right to ask for any future features but would you
consider offering future mailman versions more suited for newsletter type
of things? Maybe a general switch during list creation to distinguish
between discussion lists (with its own set of settings) and a newsletter
type of lists where most of the settings are redundant (digets, passwords,
option pages).

I really appreciate what you are doing and thank you very much for helping
us all.

For the time being I kept the personalization on but turned the limit of
max concurrent connections to MTA down to 1. Will see if that helps me
keep the server sane (the machine is not too powerful and does not have
too much RAM) and still communicate using mailman.


Zbigniew Szalbot

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