[Mailman-Users] Urgent newbie help - "Hit a bug" page

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Mar 3 05:11:53 CET 2007

John Fleming wrote:
>1.  I must be doing something wrong - Running that script only gives me:
>Luke:/var/lib/mailman# ./johntest <----- the script

Yes. something is wrong because apparently, bin/sh is trying to read
its input from the terminal instead of the script. What is the exact
contents of johntest? What if you run

  bin/sh ./johntest


>2.  There are other atribute errors in the log - I see name and language, to 
>name 2.  (I haven't changed anything, so why are the atributes missing 

With any luck, it will only be one bad list. Once we identify which
one, we can wory about fixing it.

I have no idea how it got broken. Did you have a system crash? power
failure? some similar event?

>Luke:/var/lib/mailman/bin# ./withlist -l sked
>Loading list sked (locked)
>The variable `m' is the sked MailList instance
>Unlocking (but not saving) list: sked

Before we start trying to do things with withlist, we need to identify
the list that has the problem. Once we figure that out, you can for
example do bin/dumpdb of that list's config.pck and compare it to
bin/dumpdb of some other list's config.pck and get an idea of how
badly it's messed up.

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