[Mailman-Users] Urgent newbie help - "Hit a bug" page

John Fleming john at wa9als.com
Sun Mar 4 05:38:33 CET 2007

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From: "Mark Sapiro" <msapiro at value.net>

> And yes, this looks the same. One thing I thought of - are both of
> these excerpts from something identified by bin/dumpdb as 'object 1'
> in the file. i.e. directly below the lines
> [----- start pickle file -----]
> <----- start object 1 ----->
> with no intervening
> <----- start object 2 ----->


>>Running diff adds to the confusion, and it's getting difficult to explain.
>>If I diff the present (working) config.pck (the renamed config.pck.last
>>file) and config-orig.pck (the problem file), there is NO DIFFERENCE.

> Have the timestamps changed? maybe Mailman Saved the list in the mean
> time. However, that would not explain why diff says that
> config-orig.pck, and the current config.pck are the same, yet one
> works and the other didn't. That is the real mystery, and I have no
> answer for that.
>>So it seems that
>>simply renaming the "same" (according to diff) file fixed the problem?!
>>Some very subtle binary difference not detectable in the text output from
> Still, diff 'should' detect a difference. Are the files the same
> length? What does
> cmp config.pck config-orig.pck

Luke:/var/lib/mailman/lists/mailman# cmp config.pck config-orig.pck
config.pck config-orig.pck differ: char 46, line 2

Line 2 in the dumpdb output does not have 46 characters, so I assume this 
refers to the raw file??

Now look at this:

Luke:/var/lib/mailman/lists/mailman# cmp config-orig.pck 
config-orig.pck config.pck.last.orig differ: char 46, line 2

So the first and third cmp results above are consistent and show the same 

*****  And if you're not already going crazy, this will do it:

Earlier I sent you this diff result:

Luke:/var/lib/mailman/lists/mailman# diff config.pck config-orig.pck

But now when I run it, I get:

Luke:/var/lib/mailman/lists/mailman# diff config.pck config-orig.pck
Binary files config.pck and config-orig.pck differ

So I think we've finally beaten the horse to death and I can barely keep it 
straight anymore!  These are all cut and paste results, so it's not just my 

I don't under stand why they diff'ed the same this morning and not now!

Anyway, we know something was wrong with config.pck and using the 
config.pck.last file fixed it.

- John

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