[Mailman-Users] Trouble with mailman external responses

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Mar 7 17:04:55 CET 2007

Stefan Berglund wrote:

>Hello, I'm trying to set up mailman along with postfix to be able to create
>my own mailllists at home.. I use a dyndns, which I'd like to use for the
>mail list URL (is that possible??) - boffman.mine.nu.

Paul has addressed your main question. I just want to add that you may
have problems trying to run Mailman from a server with a dynamic IP.
Earthlink.net for one will not accept your mail. The same is true for
some smaller ISPs. They don't like IPs with a 'generic' rDNS.

Depending on exactly which ISPs are used by your list members, you may
not be able to send mail to all of them unless you have a fixed IP,
and rDNS for the IP that points back to your domain.

I had the same issue with sending mail directly from my home network. I
already had a static IP, but it had a generic name. I had to register
my own domain and get the ISP to set rDNS for my IP to point to my

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