[Mailman-Users] Slow delivery

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Fri Mar 9 00:42:47 CET 2007

Herman Privyhum sent the message below at 15:14 3/8/2007:

>I'm using Mailman in conjunction with Exim on FreeBSD
>5.3 to support a small mailing list (60 members).  All
>messages have been taking just over 105 seconds to
>deliver, according to /usr/local/mailman/log/smtp.
>After searching through the archives to this list, I
>found that a garbage line in /etc/hosts was
>responsible for 75 seconds worth of that.  Now we're
>down to consistently just over 30 seconds.
>Where else should I look for things that could be
>causing this?  Exim only has problems with mail routed
>through Mailman.
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This may just be the time needed to resolve the dns lookups for the 
outgoing mail.

You may want to consider using a caching dns resolver to cache the 
sddresses for some reasonable period. Getting the resolved addresses 
out of cache will be much faster than attempting to resolve them over 
the network every time.

Then again, I could be completely off here and something else is 
causing the delay. I don't know Exim at all and sendmail only in the 
barest manner so I cannot be much help beyond this.


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