[Mailman-Users] A Mailman Log Viewer script

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Fri Mar 9 20:25:26 CET 2007

Here is my gift to the Mailman community.

I have created a PHP script to display Mailman logs via an HTTP 
interface. (I used PHP because it is what I know best, Python is 
still too new for me).

It was developed to aid list owners on a server running Plesk with 
very restricted access policies. Most of those list owners have not 
been given shell access and they have no other way to access the logs.

This script allows you to view any of the mailman logs and apply 
filter criteria to them such as by date, by e-mail list or by a text 
string you are looking for (such as an e-mail address or message-id, 
you can use Perl-compatible regular expression syntax). It also 
allows you to view the entries in default chronological order 
(earliest to latest) or in reverse chronological order.

The filtering is highly useful when you have very large log files or 
only care about certain entries.

To use this script, un-tar the attached file and follow the 
instructions in the README.txt file.

I highly recommend putting this in a location that requires 
authentication for access and you may also wish to use encryption (https).

The script and all associated files are distributed under the GNU 
GPL. No warranty of any kind is given or implied.

Anyway, I hope some of you will find this useful.
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