[Mailman-Users] Which parts of mailman are platform-dependent?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Mar 11 19:31:50 CET 2007

Steve Burling wrote:
>Unless I'm missing something (which is entirely possible), it's not true 
>that Mailman is pure Python.  There is a bunch of C code in 
>$MAILMAN_SRC/src, which gets compiled into platform-specific executable 
>files.  These end up as $MAILMAN_HOME/mail/mailman, and 
>$MAILMAN_HOME/cgi-bin/<whatever>.  And it's these that I'm concerned with. 

You are correct. Since these modules get compiled and bound with local
C runtime that is presumably platform specific, the bound programs are
platform specific.

>$MAILMAN_HOME/mail/mailman gets executed by the MTA, as a result of the 
>pipes in the alias file.  So they had better be compiled for the same 
>architecture as the mailer.  $MAILMAN_HOME/cgi-bin/* get executed by the 
>web server, and so had better be compiled for the same architecture as the 
>web server.  If, as might happen for us, those architectures are different, 
>then some extra precautions have to be taken.

Correct again.


>my concern is that if we end up in the 
>unenviable position of having to leave our mail server on the old hardware 
>for awhile, whether there is anything *other* than 
>$MAILMAN_HOME/mail/mailman that I have to make sure gets built for that 

configure has a --exec-prefix option to set the path for the
architecture dependent stuff. This affects the paths for the mail/,
cgi-bin/, and bin/ directories. It also affects the Defaults.py
setting of EXEC_PREFIX which in turn sets WRAPPER_DIR which is only
used by bin/check_perms and by Mailman/MTA/Utils.py for making aliases.

I don't think there actually is any architecture dependant stuff in
bin/, so I think you are correct to be concerned only with the
wrappers in mail/ and cgi-bin/.

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