[Mailman-Users] omitting on the webpage

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Mar 14 16:03:22 CET 2007

Melinda wrote:

>We are getting ready to implement Mailman and the concern is being able to
>omit some items from the Admin webpages.   I can see that the gui has all
>the *.py files.  Can you just comment out those lines that you do not want
>to show.  Are there more steps than just commenting out the lines in the .py
>file under the Gui folder.   I could use a little more direction.

If you look in Defaults.py, you will find

# This variable controls the order in which list-specific category
options are
# presented in the admin cgi page.
    # First column
    'general', 'passwords', 'language', 'members', 'nondigest',
    # Second column
    'privacy', 'bounce', 'archive', 'gateway', 'autoreply',
    'contentfilter', 'topics',

If you copy this to mm_cfg.py, you can then remove various categories
from the list in mm_cfg.py, and those links won't appear and you won't
be able to visit those pages. Two additional things:

You can remove 'general' but you can always go to that page anyway
because it is the default.

If you remove things, the columns will rearrange despite the comments.

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