[Mailman-Users] Resending mails to NNTP server

Schöpflin, Markus markus.schoepflin at comsoft.de
Thu Mar 15 09:26:38 CET 2007

I'm resending this mail to the list as I managed to send it to Mark only yesterday... :-(

Mark Sapiro wrote:

> Schöpflin, Markus wrote:
>> we have a mailing list which is gated to a NNTP server in both directions.
>> In the past few days, some messages have been lost on the NNTP server
>> due to local issues. How can I tell mailman to repost some of the
>> messages to the news server? Is this somehow possible?
> If you have the source of the messages as received from the list, you
> can inject them one at a time into the 'news' queue with bin/inject.
> You need the message as received from the list, or you need to add an
> X-BeenThere: listname at example.com
> header to the message you inject, or cron/gate_news will post it back
> to the list.

Yes, that worked, thanks a lot.

For future reference, here is the procedure I used:

1. Copy the mailman mbox file to a temporary location.
2. Using mutt, save the missing messages to an external file, one file per 
3. For every message file: /usr/lib/mailman/bin/inject -l <listname> -q 
news <filename>.

Et voilà, the missing messages appear on the NNTP server.

If anyone knows of a tool to simplify step 2 (extract a bunch of messages 
from a given mbox file into individual files), I would be glad to hear it.

Thanks again,

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