[Mailman-Users] Disappearing posts [was: (no subject)]

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Mar 22 16:03:16 CET 2007

Patrick Bogenwrote:

>On 3/22/07, lookaroundcornwall.com <ken at lookaroundcornwall.com> wrote:
>> Any suggestions as to where I should start looking?
>If you have shell-level access to the server at mydomain.com (by the
>way, please see RFC 2606 <http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc2606.txt>,
>about what domain names to use for examples. :), you should start by
>first checking your MTA (e.g., sendmail, postfix, exim) logs
>(generally something like /var/log/mail*) to see if the message you
>send is being received. If the mail is getting to the server, next
>check to see if the mail is getting to Mailman. This should be in your
>MTA logs, as well as in Mailman's logs (post?).

Also see

One likely cause is that Mailman's qrunners (IncomingRunner in
particular) are not running.

There won't be anything in Mailman's post log because that log is
written upon delivery to the list and the message doesn't even get to

Look in Mailman's qfiles directory to see if there are files in any of
the subdirectories (queues). If so, the corresponding qrunner isn't
running unless the messages are in the shunt queue, in which case, the
reason is in Mailman's error log.

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