[Mailman-Users] Trapping posts with no subject, and an apology

Mike Maughan mike.maughan at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 01:12:28 CET 2007

I posted earlier about problems with "(no subject)" postings to my lists,
not complaining about such to  mailman-users, but I wasn't very clear in
what I said so my apologies to anyone who may have been offended.

To restate my problem and renew the request for help (if anyone is still
talking to me, that is :):

I run a number of lists of which two are precursors to wikis, that is the
message threads are copied into the discussion areas of wikis for analysis
and distillation.  One day when I grow up I'm hoping to automate this but
for now it means me copying & pasting.

A couple of recalcitrants continue to post without subjects, which makes my
transcription task that much more difficult.  I've asked them nicely, both
privately & publicly, but it seems they are just too darned idle to bother.

Accordingly, I would like to 'encourage' them to mend their ways by trapping
such posts and rejecting them.  I've tried putting a spam rule as per the
faq, trapping "subject containing .*(no subject)" but no workie.

The cases I'd like to trap are:

   1. empty subject
   2. (no subject)
   3. (no_subject)

Is there an easy way?  Am I (as has been known on occasion :) missing
something obvious?

Regards, Mike

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