[Mailman-Users] how long does a installation take normally?

Martin Wheeler mwheeler at startext.co.uk
Sat Mar 24 00:28:59 CET 2007

On Fri, 23 Mar 2007, Lex Thoonen wrote:

> I'm renting a linux box, fedora with the Apache/2.0.53. (as a
> dedicated server.)

Fair enough.  (You'ld've been better off with Debian, but ... )

> NOW; I looked at installing mailman myself, but rather soon figured I'm
> not linux experienced enough to do this. So I asked the tech people at
> fasthots.co.uk to take a look. They've been busy for a few days,

Wha-a-a-t ?

Fedora is a pig if you want to add any new software, I know -- but that is
just plain ridiculous.
Just WTF are they doing?

> working now and then I guess, and just now I received this e-mail from them:
 . . .
> Now, I would just like to know if this sounds kind of normal to you,
> experienced people. "a few hours" is quite a bit of money, hence
> my question.


It sounds to me very much that you're dealing with a bunch of clueless
commercials -- box resellers who don't know what they're doing and hoping
to get their punters to pay for their own learning curve.

For me, installing mailman is a 5-minute job.  No more.  Actually setting
up a new list usually takes me longer than installing the mailman software
in the first place.

Just my 2p's worth.

[And personally, I'm with bytemark.co.uk]

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