[Mailman-Users] Unsubscribe links in footers and passwords

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Mar 24 16:51:55 CET 2007

David Beaumont wrote:

>Firstly is there a way to globally remove passwords for all users on a list.
>They are a pain, users forget them and I trust our users not to need one.

No, you can't remove passwords, but you can set everyone's password to,
for example, a single letter.

You would do this with withlist. The following is an example of a
withlist session that would set everyone's password to the letter p.

bin/withlist -l example
Loading list example (locked)
The variable `m' is the example MailList instance
>>> for member in m.getMembers():
...     m.setMemberPassword(member, 'p')
...                       (at this prompt, type <CR> only)
>>>                       (at this prompt, enter control-D)
Unlocking (but not saving) list: example

Note that there is a more elaborate reset_pw.py withlist script in
Mailman's bin directory. It gives everyone a new, random password. You
could modify it by changing the line

        randompw = Utils.MakeRandomPassword()

to for example

        randompw = 'p'

and run it via

bin/withlist -l -r reset_pw listname

>Secondly and alternatively I notice at the foot of each of the mailman
>developers emails is an 'unsubscribe' link that takes you to your own
>details page in mailman
>Eg "Unsubscribe:
>How do you get the individuals email address to be included at the end of
>that link?



in mm_cfg.py

Then in the admin interface set Non-digest options->personalize to Yes
and follow the (Details for personalize) link to see the additional
substitutions that are available when the list is personalized.
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