[Mailman-Users] owner/moderator requests not sent

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Mar 24 18:09:27 CET 2007

Paula Gray-Overtoom wrote:

>I have mailman installed with a RedHat rpm, version
>mailman-  Everything works great except that the list
>owners or moderators do not get any requests when postings are held.
>Posters get the message that the posting is waiting for approval.  Any
>suggestions on what might be causing this problem would be most

Is admin_immed_notify set to Yes (under Notifications on the General
Options page)?

If so, do you see three entries in Mailman's smtp log similar to the
following from the time the message was held.

>Mar 24 08:50:56 2007 (1570) <mailman.54003.1174755055.1568.listname at example.com> smtp for 1 recips, completed in 0.034 seconds
>Mar 24 08:50:56 2007 (1570) <mailman.54004.1174755055.1568.listname at example.com> smtp for 1 recips, completed in 0.062 seconds
>Mar 24 08:51:10 2007 (1570) <mailman.54004.1174755055.1568.listname at example.com> smtp for n recips, completed in 0.067 seconds

The first of these is the notice to the poster, the second is the
notice to listname-owner at example.com and the third is the resend of
the listname-owner at example.com message to the actual owners and

Note that all three have Mailman gererated Message-Ids and that the 2nd
and third have the same Message-Id which differs from the first only
in that the first numeric field is incremented by 1.

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