[Mailman-Users] Let me try this again ;-)

Dave Foran dave at hamnet.org
Sun Mar 25 20:50:05 CEST 2007

Greetings again

As I am totally locked out from send from my own system until time moves on

Paul Tomblin, replied to me earlier today and yes, all lists were set to
reject, and since
have been set to discard

A good friend gave me his "sorbs" lines for my sendmail.mc and I added them,
but saw nothing

So, in my testing, I removed all the dnl in the lines and viola, I am
rejecting tons of crap.

SO I think, I got things fixed and I hope this is the last of the issues.

My THANKS, to the way questions get answered in a HURRY

THANKS, again


Dave Foran wrote:
>Is there an option to have mailman ignore anonymous posts and not even
>acknowledge the post. Just let it go to /dev/null ??
>I have looked and see nothing in simple english..
>Right now, I am seriously blacklisted by the anonymous posts being sent by
>spammers and mailman trying to send back a message "your post is not

What is an 'anonymous' post?

I replied to you on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I neglected to copy the
list on my first reply.

It seems like right now you have Privacy options...->Sender
filters->generic_nonmember_action set to Reject. Set it to Discard.

In any case, the "your post is not allowed" message is due to some
Reject action which if changed to Discard will cause the post to be
silently ignored.

However, as pointed out in other replies, filtering in the MTA ahead of
Mailman is a better approach.

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