[Mailman-Users] my email to a list - getting it back!

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Thu Mar 29 18:28:24 CEST 2007

James D. Lainton wrote:
>I know this is probably a VERY easy option for most of you, but for the life
>of me, I cant find it.
>I have a list that i have started and its working very well.  However the
>poster does not receive his own message, even though he is part of the
>list.  I can setup an autorepond telling him/her that it was recieved and
>sent out, but it would be more straight forward to have the original message
>just come back as part of the list.  I know the option is there...just need
>to find out where.
---------------- End original message. ---------------------

Is this just one person? Is this person using Gmail?

Gmail tries to be "helpful" by silently discarding any e-mails that 
match ones in the sent folder.

There has been much complaining about this behavior and as far as I 
know, Google has no plans to fix this "feature".

If that is not the case, then go to that person's options page 
(Membership Management-> Membership List, then click on the person's 
e-mail address) and check that the person has "Receive your own posts 
to the list?" set to yes.


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