[Mailman-Users] Using MailMan for issue/bug dialogue tracking

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Thu Mar 29 20:23:29 CEST 2007

At 11:51 AM +0200 3/29/07, Simon Hoffe wrote:

>  One promising candidate for this functionality is Roundup - the bug
>  tracker recently (Oct 06) adopted by the Python project, though I think
>  it's still in Beta. (See http://psf.upfronthosting.co.za/roundup/meta/)

We're working on it.  I have some more changes to the mail system for 
python.org that need to be implemented before we can take the next 

>  *Where I need some advice:*
>  How does MailMan sort out threads. Does it use the whole subject line,
>  and resolves tree depth from the number of "Re:"'s?
>  How easy/hard would it be to make the thread sorter sensitive only to an
>  [ID:xxxx] tag in the subject?

Mailman uses the contents of the "References:" and "In-Reply-To:" 
headers, not the "Subject:" line, although it will do some trimming 
on the subject line to try to keep it more sane.

>  Is the idea of bugtrack-idxxxx at company.com an easy-to-implement option?

Within Mailman?  No, not really.  At least, not so far as I know.

Why not just use a different topic for each bug?  That way people who 
want information on all bugs can subscribe to the list and not track 
specific topics, while others who want information on just that one 
bug can track that one topic.

>  I'm pretty sure that MailMan will allow anonymous/non-subscriber posts,

Yup.  It's just a configuration option.

Of course, then you have to worry about everyone getting hit by spam 
which is addressed to the list.

>  Finally (and this is probably in the FAQ, so I'm being lazy by
>  asking...) - what is the best mechanism of backing up a complete MailMan
>  installation?

Yup, that's in the FAQ.

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