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Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Thu Mar 29 22:32:47 CEST 2007

Jennifer Oxelson sent the message below at 13:14 3/29/2007:
>I see the 'lists' command set to listname-requests keys off the
>DEFAULT_LIST_ADVERTISED setting in the mm_cfg.py file.  Is there any
>future plans to have the mlist.advertised value come from the actual
>individual list configurations (e.g., *advertised* option set in the web
>admin interface under the privacy setting)?  As it stands now, the
>email-based listname-request lists and the web display of lists provide
>different results (not a big deal, but it has caused some confusion with
>our staff).
>Thanks much!
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OK, now that is interesting...

I think I see what is going on, maybe.

I have one public list and three private lists on my server.

If I send the lists command to the request address for the public 
list, it only responds with the public list.

If I send the command to one of the private list request addresses, 
it list both the public list and the list I sent it to but not the 
other private lists.

This is probably somewhat correct behavior because if you know the 
address for the private list, it should return it. But what is 
confusing is that the private list shows up under the "Public lists:" 
header in the response e-mail. I think that this private listing 
should have a heading in the reply stating that it is private and is 
listed because of the address used to access the command.


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