[Mailman-Users] password reminders and unsubscribed users

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed May 2 19:20:46 CEST 2007

Jim Miller wrote:

>Thanks for the reply Mark.  I do have a ticket opened with cpanel.  I was
>hoping that I might get some insight on this issue here as well, since I did
>see some old inquiries about this same problem in the archives, and it was
>not related to cpanel installs.  I did not see resolution to any of those
>older archive issues.

Generally, as Brad noted in another reply, in a Mailman from source
installation, this issue comes about because the site decides to
install an upgrade in a new location, and the old crontab running the
old cron/mailpasswds against the old lists is left in place.

>I have no idea how the password reminder script is
>coming up with these old/deleted users to send them reminders, they simply
>do not seem to even exist anywhere!  For now, I have just removed the
>reminder script from being called by cron, seems brute force may be the only

And it may not even work. I too have no idea how this happens, but
based on other reports including the one I pointed to in my prior
reply, there is some cPanel magic involved.

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