[Mailman-Users] Please help with some list options...

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Wed May 16 23:23:24 CEST 2007

> On 5/16/07, Ricardo Kleemann wrote:
> >  Is it possible for a list to put each recipient's email address on the
> >  "To" instead of the list address itself?
> Search through the FAQ Wizard, the documentation, and the archives of 
> the list for "personalization".  In particular, what you're looking 
> for is "Full Personalization".

Look in the $prefix/data directory at a file named sitelist.cfg
This documents the "personalization" option.

The best way I've found to set this is as follows:

In the $prefix directory:

    This creates a file that contains [almost] all current configuration.
    bin/config_list -o data/YourListName.cfg YourListName

    Then edit data/YourListName.cfg and on the end, add:

# Personalization option.  See sitelist.cfg for documentation.
# legal values are:
#    0 = "No"
#    1 = "Yes"
#    2 = "Full Personalization"
personalize = 2

    Then install your modified option file:
    bin/config_list -i data/YourListName.cfg YourListName

This should result in the "To: " header having the recipient's address
instead of the list's address.

    Charlie Smith

 Charlie Smith  charlie {at} elektro.cmhnet.org
 http://www.elektro.com     Columbus Ohio   USA

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