[Mailman-Users] How to change subscriber address

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue May 22 23:45:29 CEST 2007

Mailman Users wrote:

>Earlier, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> Submitting an address change causes a confirmation request to be sent
>> to the new address. This confirmation request must be received and
>> acted upon before the change is effective.
>I'm not getting a confirmation request to the new email address,
>and am not seeing a moderator action request either.  

There won't be a moderator action request for an address change.

If you have access to Mailman's logs, you can check the 'smtp' log to
see if a confirmation message is sent. There should be an entry
similar to

May 22 13:13:26 2007 (23704)
<mailman.56708.1179864805.1568.list at example.com> smtp for 1 recips,
completed in 0.040 seconds

(i.e. a 'mailman' message id with the list address and 1 message
recipient) for the confirmation notice.

If you have access to Mailman's command line tools, you can do

bin/dumpdb lists/<listname>/pending.pck

to see if there is an address change (type 'C') waiting confirmation.
For a nicer looking display of the pending.pck data, you can get
<http://veenet.value.net/~msapiro/scripts/list_pending> (mirrored at
<http://fog.ccsf.edu/~msapiro/scripts/list_pending>) and put it in
Mailman's bin/ directory and run it.

>I've seen this behaviour on another Mailman list, ver 2.1.6 - so I assume
>there must be something I've missed on the configuration?

It's not controlled by configuration. Perhaps the confirmation request
is being spam filtered or just not recognized. If you set


in mm_cfg.py, the confirmation will have a nice subject, but otherwise
the subject is similar to

Subject: confirm e31b055e6099e5a2e6d1070d93029d18f9ba5167

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