[Mailman-Users] a question about unadvertised lists and spam

Dennis Morgan dennis at top-dog-home.com
Tue May 29 16:06:10 CEST 2007

We have a site:

with several mailing lists. We have some lists advertised on a
non-default public list info page that we "branded" (thank you Mark for
your help!) here:

and shows only the publicly accessible pages.

These pages have a mailto: owner at eaachat.org which is forwarded to
list at eaachat.org. We all have various filters set in our MUA to cope
with this. We check the moderator pages of the public lists frequently
for legitimate help requests, in other words the admins are the spam
filters for the domain.

The default mailman list info page is here:

All lists are closed to non member posts and the subscribe policy is
confirm and approve.

My question is - are spamers able to pick up lists from the default (but
not easily accessible) default mailman listinfo page and start
bombarding us with spam on all lists? Or should I set the "Advertise
this list" option to "no" for the lists on the default listinfo page?

Thank you,


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